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Our Rules

  • The Golden Rule...No means NO! Keep in mind that "Yes" can at anytime be changed to NO!
  • Be honest. This doesn’t mean you have to share every private aspect of your life, but if you are married and swinging alone then be honest about it.
  • Be polite. If you aren't interested in someone who has shown interest, there is no reason to be rude. Being honest doesn't give you the right to be "brutally honest", a simply no thank you will suffice.
  • Don't take it personally. Remember that just because a couple is in the lifestyle it doesn't mean that they will play with everyone.
  • Cleanliness is a turn-on, remember to bath, brush your teeth, use mouth wash, carry breath mints, and clean under your nails. Pedicures and manicures are always a good idea from a visual as well as hygienic point of view.
  • Don't pile on the perfume or cologne, remember some people are allergic. Remember to make sure you are fresh from a shower and have an overall fresh clean smell.
  • Never be pushy.
  • Never come between other couples. It is not your job to play marriage counselor.
  • Don't get drunk. While a glass or two of wine can take the edge off of an otherwise stressful moment, don't get sloppy. If you have to get drunk to play then you really shouldn't be playing.
  • There is a thin line between being confident and being arrogant. Don't cross that line.
  • Never make plans with only half of a couple (male or female) unless everyone, including your partner, is aware of the arrangements and is in agreement with them.
  • Everyone is entitled to his and her privacy. Regardless of the level of privacy you require never "out" another person. Never share their photos with anyone else. If you share a story about an escapade remember to keep other's names private. Stated simply - never kiss and tell.
  • If meeting on line, never ask for a photo unless you first offer one. The same prinicples goes for asking for face photos and phone numbers.
  • Always make sure you carry your own condoms.
  • During threesomes and foursomes, if at any point one of the people feel uncomfortable all play should stop.
  • If you are a couple and decide to participate in a "group scene" both partners should join in. If one partner decides to take a rest then both should retire from playing.
  • If you are bi or bi-curious (especially if you are a male) do not experiment publicly unless it has already been discussed in advance with both your partner, as well as the other participants. Though many females in the lifestyle are to some degree ok with some bi play there are still those who are still totally straight.
  • Unless you are at an on-premise event and have discussed it in advance with your partner - do NOT play on the first date. That is what a first date is for to get to know each other, we realize that there are exceptions to this rule, sometimes you just meet someone and it "clicks", however if you state this prior to meeting it offers a graceful out to anyone that is not interested.
  • Never feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable doing (even for your partner).
  • Adults having sex with a minor, of any age, is NOT an acceptable part of swinging. Remember, the definitive word in the phrase “what consenting adults do with each other is their own business” is ADULTS.
  • Finally always practice safe sex. We realize that many couples do not make use of condoms within their relationship. However when venturing outside the relationship you owe it to yourself, your partner as well as any future play partners to take every step to ensure yours and their safety.
  • For the most part the use of illegal drugs is not tolerated. This includes marijuana.
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